Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Bounty Killer Takes A Stand

In his new advocacy song, Bounty Killer speaks to social ills just like his mega-hit Poor People Fed Up. "Mi a rep fi di ghetto weh mi born an raise in and di mountain a problem we facin; caw di politician dem still gazin; but wi still a hol a vibes, its amazin," Bounty Killer deejay.

The dancehall legend continues, "Dem no want see ghetto yutes inna di upper echelon, when Jah-Jah bless dem han. Dem come a talk wi come from di rough and end up wid diamond. Look deh, dem no set no opportunity fi yutes wid ambition; dem blame wi fi di condition; nuttn no lef fi di native a di lan; Wi a go wrath if dem sell Trelawy to Chinie man."

"The ppl who fi ah fight fi JA ppl caught up in who wearing the tightest pants and dem caught up with tearing down dem one another. Anytime an artist start out in the music industry you see and hear dem advocating fi the ghetto ppl. Den as dem get likkle shine dem stop sing fi the ppl dem. Dem go uptown go live and show off pon the ppl dem who help build dem career. Nowadays yuh see dem pon Instagram ah maggle. Even the rasta dem lose sight of d mission," he wrote.

The government realize the weakness that plagues nuff ghetto yutes and dem exploiting it.

- original story: https://urbanislandz.com/2019/07/15/bounty-killer-war-government-jamaica-china/