Sunday, March 29, 2020

DO THE FIVE - what the hell is this?

"Hmm." All I could muster while staring at the screen. "How long has that been there?"

At the bottom of the Chrome homepage sits a spammy looking message block, urging its viewer to "DO THE FIVE".

"No I will not." The immediate response, as visions of compromise began to appear, discouraging the urge to click.

Research became the primary side quest that moment and as it turns out, that message is legit, my rationale for paranoia unfounded.

Google is currently delivering COVID-19 related content to those interested, using that blurb as notice and gateway to a portal which includes a neat little map tracker for those of us burdened with morbid curiosity.

As of this post, the most important thing of note is that: "There’s currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19)."

Be safe folks, and be wary of the disinformation campaigns in circulation.



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