YouTube dislike

Don't recall taking advantage of the dislike button so perhaps it won't be missed. On a more positive note, ads have significantly reduced my content consumption, which I guess is an overall win.


Any idiot can make money...

'cept me.

All I'm sayin' is book William Dafoe for the biopic stat /s.

Backyard wildlife, bees not pleased

Meant to tear down that old termite infested wood but was interrupted by the incessant buzzing, my guess is this bee was not pleased with the idea at the time. Soon another came by to amplify complaints which I found odd, because I always thought them solitary, but of course that's not all true. The females tend to nest near others and live in small groups. Not the best pollinators but does server a purpose. Bad news for my roof I guess, better start looking for holes.

MEME: On Channel 5 we feast.

After his departure from the All Gas No Brakes showcase. Andrew and team appear in a brand new initiative coined Channel 5 on YouTube.

Fun fact: YouTube censored his first upload.

"Stolen" is bit strong, but we get the point.