Wednesday, June 23, 2021

So am I shadow banned?

As of today, apparently not, had expected to see something interesting from r/ShadowBanned but nada. COVID takes had me raging stupid on that platform, some late self-reflection is in order.

/u/listgrotto, you are not shadowbanned.
4 of your last 100 comments/submissions have been removed.
subreddit NOT removed removed
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No removed comments/submissions in other subreddits.


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Backyard wildlife, bees not pleased

Meant to tear down that old termite infested wood but was interrupted by the incessant buzzing, my guess is this bee was not pleased with the idea at the time. Soon another came by to amplify complaints which I found odd, because I always thought them solitary, but of course that's not all true. The females tend to nest near others and live in small groups. Not the best pollinators but does server a purpose. Bad news for my roof I guess, better start looking for holes.