Monetizing Social Justice Warriors - Jordan Peterson.

Rode the right wing hate machine to wealth and prominence. Fast forward a few, and now we get to witness this "traditional masculine" prototype cry. 

Sympathy is a challenge considering the pain he gleefully inflicted for profit.

Beau responds to comments

Beau of the Fifth Column addressing comments made by a Fox News political agitator in a video mashup.

We are not ok

I realize that Dead State is biased and all but the content speaks for itself. The level of absurdity displayed is breathtaking. 

Mr. E. M. Ratioed? How?

Slapping a ratio on the worlds richest should not even be possible but it happened.

One would think his (alleged) influencer institution would intervene, but that did not happen. Perhaps they weren't deployed in time or simply too busy running defense for his other projects.