I see them in my sleep.

Rewrite and expand on the following statement: I am concerned about how much control advertising has over our day to day existence.

I have deep apprehensions regarding the extent to which advertising wields influence over our daily lives. It is disconcerting to witness the overwhelming control that advertising exerts, permeating every aspect of our existence and shaping our perceptions, preferences, and behaviors.

In today's society, advertising has become an omnipresent force, infiltrating our personal spaces, online experiences, and even our subconscious minds. From the moment we wake up to the time we retire for the night, we are bombarded with a constant stream of meticulously crafted messages designed to captivate our attention and manipulate our desires.

It is alarming to realize that our decisions, whether conscious or subconscious, are often shaped by the clever strategies employed by advertisers. They tap into our psychological vulnerabilities, exploiting our insecurities and aspirations to create an insatiable need for the products and services they promote. Consequently, we find ourselves entangled in a consumer-centric culture, where the pursuit of material possessions and instant gratification takes precedence over deeper, more meaningful aspects of life.

Moreover, the ubiquitous presence of advertising blurs the lines between content and commercialism, making it increasingly challenging to differentiate between what is genuine and what is meticulously crafted for commercial gain. This infiltration of advertising into our daily lives raises concerns about the erosion of our autonomy and critical thinking skills, as we become unwitting participants in a carefully orchestrated narrative designed to serve corporate interests.

Additionally, the pervasive nature of advertising raises ethical concerns, particularly when it comes to targeting vulnerable populations. Children, for instance, are highly impressionable and easily influenced by the persuasive tactics employed in advertising. The relentless exposure to advertising can shape their preferences, establish unhealthy consumption habits, and foster a materialistic mindset from an early age, undermining their well-being and contributing to societal issues such as excessive consumerism and environmental degradation.

In light of these concerns, it is crucial for individuals to cultivate a heightened awareness and critical perspective towards advertising's influence. By developing media literacy skills, questioning the motives behind advertising messages, and consciously engaging in consumption decisions, we can regain a sense of control over our lives and prioritize values that go beyond the relentless pursuit of products and material possessions.

In conclusion, the growing control exerted by advertising over our day-to-day existence is a matter of great concern. Its pervasive presence, manipulation techniques, and potential impact on vulnerable populations raise ethical, psychological, and societal questions. Recognizing the influence of advertising and actively resisting its undue control can empower individuals to reclaim autonomy and foster a more conscious and meaningful way of living.

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Pretty much sums up my thoughts on this topic.

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Recruiter salary range and expectation response.

Apparantly recruiters are supposed to disclose their salary offer. Recommended response below if offer unavailable.


I am interested but noticed that you didn’t include a salary range which is necessary pursuant to local statute. 

Could you please share the salary range and I’ll consider your offer to discuss further. 

Otherwise, I will forward your message to the department of labor for review of compliance with salary disclosure information.

 - u/Bridge23Ux